Red Arrow Baby


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Red Arrow Baby
Full Otomatik Makina Çocuk Kitaplarının Makina's

blocco libro con finestre

Pencereli kitap bloğu

blocco libro con pop-up

Pop-up kitap bloğu

blocco libro con puzzle

Puzzle ile kitap blok

Main features

The Red Arrow Baby has similar technical specs as its larger sister

Red Arrow 2 but there is one main difference: it can produce pop-up books. Due to their three-dimensional effect such books provide for a more immersive experience.

A 3D children’s book is a high value product which is nevertheless very attractive to buyers because they know that their children will be fascinated by the unique sensorial experience only such books can provide.
Red Arrow Baby is significantly more compact that the Red Arrow 2. It has a modular build so that you can add modules according to the 3D effects you wish to achieve.

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zechini macchine per libri per bambini

 Lüks kutular

zechini macchine per packaging

Kitap Ciltleme

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